Need some COLOR on your walls?!


Looking to breathe life into your living or working space?!

Large format landscape scenes are a great place to start!

Vibrant and detailed, I use only the finest quality materials for my landscape images.  Everything I sell is mounted for stability and will not warp over time.  I prefer to print on premium metallic paper for maximum vibrancy and almost 3-D effect.

All orders are custom to fit your needs!

Three printing recommendations:

-Metallic paper prints mounted to styrene.  Must be framed.

-Ready-to-hang acrylic mounted metallic paper prints.  Help eliminate glare.  Can be framed or unframed.

-Ready-to-hang glossy prints directly on Aluminum.  Floating metal prints are becoming very popular and have a more modern look.  Can be framed or unframed.


Ordering custom prints made easy:

Send an email to “” stating:

  • Desired image name(s) and number(s) from my online gallery.
  • Size(s) you need for your space.
  • Choose between styrene mounted or acrylic mounted or direct on aluminum.

I’ll reply and make sure I have all your questions answered.  I’ll give you a custom quote.  In order to keep print prices reasonable, payment is processed as the order is placed.  I can accept payment via Check or Paypal.

Processing the order can take from two to six weeks depending on my travel schedule.  As soon as the order is ready, I’ll send you a message to set up a pick up or delivery time.


If you need an image for your website, magazine, book or brochure, send me a message.  I can license use of full resolution images.  Pricing is determined by use.


All of my print orders are pick up or delivery upon request for friends in the New Braunfels region including Austin and San Antonio and surrounding area.  I prefer personal delivery, but if it is an out of town order, I would be happy to ship.


The ready-to-hang acrylic prints can be framed or unframed.  It is simply a matter of preference.  If you order a standard size mounted print, it can fit easily into any standard size frame.

Many do-it-yourself customers simply order a print and choose to mat and frame the print themselves.

If you need assistance in the framing process or a stylistic opinion, just let me know.  I will be happy to help.  I keep up with the trends in interior design and gallery presentation.


Gallery lighting is just as important as choice of paper, mounting material or choice of glass or acrylic.  If not well lit, a print may appear flat or dark.  If properly lit, the image will shine brightly and appear to have an almost three-dimensional quality.

I will be glad to offer any advice on track lighting options out on the market today.  With just a little electrical knowledge, you can add big impact to your artwork at home or work.


I will not sell any image with the slightest scratch or dent.  In order to keep it that way, make sure your hands are clean when handling the images.  Be careful not to get fingerprints on the surface.  Wear gloves if necessary.  Do not use Windex or any similar product on acrylic.  There are products made specifically for acrylic.  Simply use a lent free microfiber cloth for light dusting.


All orders are custom so I will provide you with a custom quote.  Discounts are available on large orders of multiple prints!

Prints on Metallic Paper & Mounted on Styrene:

Standard paper prints will become wavy over time and can ruin the sleek look you are seeking.  It is especially noticeable in large prints.  Styrene is made from an extremely rigid plastic material that is resistant to warping.  It is matte black in color.  With these mounted prints, framing is required and matting is optional.

Metallic paper is for photographers who demand extreme sharpness, brightness and color saturation.  With its glossy finish and metallic appearance, it creates images that can be described as chrome on paper, while at the same time adding depth and vibrant color.

Common Sizes (Custom sizes available as well):

2:3 Ratio






1:2 Ratio




1:1 Ratio






Simply tell me which photographs speak to you and describe your space and I will be happy to teach you about all the options available to you.